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Leo's RC Simulator v1.72, probably the best

With more than 3.7 millions of downloads, Leo's RC Simulator v1.72 gives you more than 60 aircrafts and 5 flying fields for free.

In other simulators you get 1 aircraft and 1 flying field for free, and you have to buy the rest. With other RC Simulators you will spend more than 100 dollars to get the same!

Coming soon... New Flight Simulator!!! 

We are working hard on a new realistic Flight Simulator. We believe that the firts version for Android will be available in september 2015.


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New Leo's RC Simulator v1.72 available

Now includes speed, distance and altitude information. Also more aircrafts available for download in the "Extras" section, in total you can use more than 60 aircrafts for free.   más


New update of Leo's RC Simulator available

New version of Leo's RC Simulator is now available in Google Play. It includes improvements in the menu and five new aircrafts available for download.   más


Wotsdis Travel Guide for Android now available in Google Play

New version of the free offline Wotsdis Travel Guide is now available for Android in Google Play. London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, singapore, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, hong Kong... all of them free and...   más


Leo's RC Simulator over 3.5 millions downloads

Leo's RC Simulator is now over 3.5 millions of unique users who have ever installed the app.   más


New Leo's RC Simulator version 1.66 available

The new version 1.66 of Leo's RC Simulator is available in Google Play since 2nd of November. What's new in version 1.66?: .- Bug with the left control fixed .- Aerodynamic model improvements .- Menus...   más

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